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120508 RAE2012 at KTH
Since October 2011, AB Realisator participates in the KTH RAE2012 (Research Assessment Exercise 2012) management team as deputy director. Expert panels will visit KTH in June and the final assessment report will be available later on this year.

120508 Transport 2030
By order of IVA, AB Realisator is currently evaluating the project ”Transport 2030”. The aim is to learn about pros and cons of the way IVA run the project and to look for further improvement of the project management process.

111114 Grants from VINNOVA
AB Realisator has received a grant from VINNOVA for the development of a fire-fighting robot, read more (in Swedish).
Besides the money the grant also shows that this is a high quality project that others, than those involved, also believe in. The project will start in December 2011.

110927 Development of a Fire Fighting Robot
AB Realisator has started the development of a fire fighting robot. The work is performed in cooperation with some Swedish fire fighting departments, other companies and researcher at Robotdalen (Mälardalen University and Örebro University). A first demo version, showing the technical potential and key features, is planned to December 2011.

110608 Completed missions
So far this year AB Realisator has completed a number of missions both in cooperation with traditional partners like Kontigo AB and new customers like Royal Institute of Technology, Naturvetarna, etc. Together the missions cover the broad spectrum of services that AB Realisator offers i.e. market & business development, evaluations, and strategy development & implementation.

101221 Grants from VINNOVA
AB Realisator has received a grant from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) to carry out a pre-study on the developement of a fire-fighting robot. Successfully performed the robot will contribute to the saving of lives in fires, reducing of damage caused, and reducing of costs. The project is carried out in cooperation with:

101221 Evaluation of metrology
AB Realisator is the project leader of the Kontigo AB project on evaluation of the metrology activities at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The evaluation is a mission from VINNOVA and the contract was won in competition with other organisations. Besides Kontigo AB and AB Realisator the team that will carry out the evalution also consists of Rolf Ericsson Affärs- och Tekniskutveckling.

101221 Continued cooperation
The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) will continue to cooperate with AB Realisator. Recently AB Realisator received yet another order on market investigation based upon one of the agency´s patent applications.

101221 No smoking
AB Realisator do actively participate in and support the ”Hem och skola” project ”Rökfri ungdom” that aims to reduce the use of tobacco among youngsters.

101019 Evaluation of the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre
Later on this month, interview sessions will be performed with the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre at Chalmers as one part of the Swedish Energy Agency´s evaluation of the competence research centre. AB Realisator is the manager of the evaluation. Members of the international evaluation team are:
Prof Douglas Reeve, University of Toronto, Canada
Prof Robert Johnston, Monash University, Australia
Prof Alison McKay, University of Leeds, UK
Dr Anna Stefanopoulou, University of Michigan, USA
Prof Ulrich Seiffert, WiTech Engineering GmbH, Germay
Prof Alfio Consoli, University of Catania, Italy
Dr Anna Teyssot, Renault, France

100906 Order from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)
During the summer 2010, AB Realisator won the order to evaluate the project ”Energy Crossroads” headed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). The purpose of the evaluation is to learn for the future. What was most successful with the ”Energy Crossroads” project? How can similar projects be performed even better in the future?

”Energy Crossroad” is aimed at decision-makers who are in a position to influence energy policy. Sweden needs to secure its energy supply on competitive terms for industry, while at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project was financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, Svensk Energi, the Swedish Research Council for Envirionment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, and Ångpanneföreningen’s Foundation for Research and Development. The report is in Swedish with an English summary.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, is an independent arena for the exchange of knowledge. By initiating and stimulating contacts between experts from different disciplines and countries the Academy promotes cross-fertilisation between industry, academia, public administration and various interest groups. Bringing people together to take part in lectures, conferences, research exchanges and other projects serves to generate new ideas and knowledge.

100906 Evaluation of the programme INSICT
AB Realisator has accepted an invitation from Reginova Göran Reitberger AB to assist in the evaluation of the programme INSICT. The evaluation will be performed during this autumn and reported in early 2011. INSICT is administered by ACREO and aims at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT) in products and services. The programme has been running during the period 2006- 10 with a budget of 18 million Swedish Crowns (approx €1.9 million).

100609 "The work by Realisator is exquisite and extremely professional"
A few months after the international evaluation of seven Competence Research Centres, CRCs, (EKC2, CICERO, HTC, KCK, CERC, CECOST, and KCFP) with financing from the Swedish Energy Agency a survey of the implementation was done. All these university–industry centres have been in operation from 4 to 14 years and are planned to continue for at least another 6 years.

The survey showed that the international evaluation team was very pleased with both the method used and the implementation. On a scale 0- 10 (0= the worst I experienced; 10=the best I experienced) the evaluators gave, on average, the score 8,7 for the method used. Using the same scale, the average value for the implementation was 9,0 implying that several of the evaluators gave the highest score. Our interpretation is that we offer a tool that suits the evaluators extremely well.

All evaluators answered that they would recommend AB Realisator as process manager for this type of activities to organisations who need to implement evaluations. Among the comments one found: ”The work by Realisator is exquisite and extremely professional”, ”Realisator was kind and responsive while forceful when needed”, ”Realisator was helpful and easy to get in contact with”, ”Realisator did a really good job”, etc.

”I’m most impressed by the very high quality of the evaluators that AB Realisator appoints to the international evaluation team. Our work is tough and challenging but due to the professional planning and guidance from AB Realisator everything works smoothly and I can fully concentrate on my task. This way to evaluate CRCs is the most effective I‘ve come across; it requires an experienced and diligent process manager”, explains the chairman of the international evaluation team professor Douglas Reeve, University of Toronto, Canada.

”Evaluations have become more and more important for us”, says Bernt Gustafsson, senior advisor and responsible for the CRC program at the Swedish Energy Agency. ”The method used sheds light on a number of valuable items for both the CRCs and the Agency. The recommendations given to each CRC will be monitored and taken into account by the Agency in future work. Also, the recommendations given to the Agency stimulate internal discussions and make us aware of our strengths and weaknesses. It is good input for us to become better and this survey gives us ideas on how the evaluations can be even better next time. We have chosen to continue our cooperation with AB Realisator in our up-coming evaluations and together we will take advantage of our learning.”

The evaluation method is based on a status report from each CRC that serves as the base for interview sessions when the international evaluation team meets with representatives from the CRC. In a written report, the international evaluation team presents its impressions together with recommendations for improvements. AB Realisator has experience as process manager from almost 50 similar evaluations. Normally the planning process starts 6- 12 months prior to the execution.

If you are interested to learn more about the method, its implementation, our experience and our thoughts on how to perform evaluations you are welcome to contact us.

100414 Cooperation with Kontigo AB
AB Realisator and Kontigo AB have started a cooperation that aims to help universities to develop their community relations. The idea is to assist universities to develop and realize their strategies for community relations in order to attract more students, companies, and financing. Together the two companies are very experienced process leaders, they have cooperated with all Swedish Universities, evaluated many research activities in the community relations area, know the environment in which these activities take place, etc. Besides the general approach the cooperation offers assistance in specific topics within this area e.g. business intelligence, portfolio and process analysis, business development, etc.

”Kontigo has a lot of experience from working with universities all over Sweden. The cooperation with AB Realisator brings an industrial and business perspective into our knowledge base. I think this cooperation will be very fruitful for our mutual customers. At present we are together assisting Mälardalens Högskola in these issues”, says Christina Johannesson, partner and senior consultant at Kontigo.

100312 New order from VINNOVA
VINNOVA, has entrusted AB Realisator with the assignment of planning for the evaluation of the DARE- project within the Key Actors Program. The DARE project is a cooperation between Luleå University of Technology and Umeå University that aims to develop the organization towards improved community relations. The evaluation will take place at the beginning of May 2010.

100312 AB Realisator relocates
During March 2010 AB Realisator is moving to new locations in the old mill in Trosa – Trosa Kvarn. The old mill has recently been restored in order to serve as office premises for a number of small enterprises. It is beautifully situated by the Trosa river with a restaurant and cafe on the ground floor. Trosa Kvarn is an environment that inspires.

100312 More visible waistcoats
Once again AB Realisator is supporting Momentas campaign for school children's safety in Trosa. As previously, the funds go towards visibility waistcoats for the local school children so they will be easier to detect when out in traffic.

100312 VINN Excellence Centre evaluation report available
AB Realisator was involved as evaluation manager during the first evaluation of the 19 VINN Excellence Centres with funding from VINNOVA that was performed during 2008-10. The evaluation report is now available via this link.

091201 A separate company for evaluation activities
As of November 2009 AB Realisator’s evaluation activities are conducted in the new company AB Realisator Evaluation. The change provides a clearer profile both of our evaluation and our marketing and business development activities.

091125 Renewed confidence
Earlier this year, AB Realisator conducted market research on behalf of the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI). FOI has now given AB Realisator a further assignment. The assignment involves market research on the potential exploitation of patents FOI holds: "We are very pleased with the outcome of the investigations AB Realisator helped us with and our cooperation with AB Realisator is a great help developing our business” says Joakim Hägvall business developer at FOI.

091028 Annual Financial Statement
In mid-2009 AB Realisator closed its books for the first fiscal year that in fact started in February 2008. Most of the net income has, in practice, been generated in 2009 when AB Realisator seriously gained momentum. The objective was to generate a good result in order to gain a good rating for the company. 
- AB Realisator has come through its first year well and has met the financial goals we had set, says Patrik Ericsson, Öhrlings PriceWaterhouseCoopers and auditor of AB Realisator.

091016 Visibility waistcoats for children's safety
AB Realisator once again supports Momentas campaign for school children's safety in Trosa. This time the funds are going towards visibility waistcoats for the local school children so they will be easier to detect when out in traffic.

090616 Swedish Energy Agency evaluates seven Competence Research Centres
During August and September this year the Swedish Energy Agency will evaluate the following Competence Research Centres (CRC):
Swedish Centre of Excellence in Electric Power Engineering (EKC2), KTH
Centre of Internal combustion Engine Research Opus (CICERO), KTH
The High Temperature Corrosion Centre (HTC) Chalmers
Competence Centre for Catalysis (KCK) Chalmers
Combustion Engine Research Centre (CERC) Chalmers
The Centre for Combustion Science and Technology (CECOST) Lund University
Centre of Competence Combustion Processes (KCFP) Lund University
all financed by the Agency. These CRCs aim to stimulate cooperation between academia and industry so that industry can more easily take advantage of scientific knowledge.

AB Realisator Management Consulting has been contracted as the Evaluation Process Leader with the task of appointing the evaluation team, setting up the evaluation and the logistics. The CRCs will provide the evaluation team with a written Status Report that, together with the interview sessions the evaluation team has with each centre, constitutes the input for the evaluation report. The evaluation team consists of the 22 members:
Prof Douglas Reeve, Canada (chairman)
Prof Anne H Anderson, Scotland
Dr Peter Cunz, Switzerland
Prof Bob Johnston, Australia
Prof Per Stenius, Sweden
Prof Wai Cheng, USA
Prof Juan Ramos, Spain
Prof Barrie Mecrow, England
Prof Nouredine Hadjsaid, France
Prof Erling Ildstad, Norway
Prof Constantine Arcoumanis, England
Prof Ricardo Martinez- Botas, England
Prof W J Quadakkers, Germany
Prof Peggy Hou, USA
Prof Alina Aguero, Spain
Prof Charles Peden, USA
Prof Riitta Keski, Finland
Dr Christine Lambert, USA
Prof Douglas Greenhalg, Scotland
Prof Frank Behrendt, Germany
Prof Frédérique Battin-Leclerc, France
Prof Alex Taylor, England

“I look forward to this evaluation. We have a very competent evaluation team in place representing scientific as well as general competence from a number of countries and with a good gender balance.  The purpose of the evaluation is primarily to receive input on how to further develop each of these centres but also how to develop the CRC programme as such”, says Bernt Gustafsson, Senior Advisor and responsible for the CRC programme at the Swedish Energy Agency. The first interview will take place on August 24 and the final evaluation report will be ready in November.

090514 Interviews with projects approved within the Key Actors Programme
AB Realisator Management Consulting is the Evaluation Process Leader for the VINNOVA evaluation of its approved projects within the Key Actor Programme. The programme is directed towards the universities’ senior management and aims to establish a professional infrastructure for collaboration with the private sector and the society at large and to develop an entrepreneurial culture within a university´s organisation. Five projects were approved in 2007 including Uppsala University, Linköping University, Karlstad University, Luleå University of Technology, Umeå University, Chalmers, and Göteborg University.

The evaluation team for this first evaluation consists of:
Professor Karen Hersey, USA (Chair of the evaluation team)
Rolf Ericsson, PhD, Sweden
Professor Harry Fekkers, the Netherlands
Christer Heinegård, Senior Advisor, Sweden
Charlotte Iwarson, Entrepreneur, Sweden

After reviewing three of the approved projects the chairman, Professor Karen Hersey concludes: -”We have a well-composed team representing a number of diverse perspectives on this hot topic. These projects are just beginning their long journeys    and our aim is to support them with recommendations so they can develop even better. It is a challenging and interesting job and we are all gaining new knowledge from participating in it.”

The remaining two projects will be assessed during autumn this year and an evaluation report will be presented before the end of the year.

090416 First evaluation of the Berzelii Centre program completed
The Berzelii Centre programme is a collaboration between the Swedish Research Council and VINNOVA that focus on excellent basic research. In addition, the Berzelii Centres must also show a clear long term ambition to collaborate actively with stakeholders from the private and public sectors and to implement research results in the form of commercial applications. During September 2008 the four Berzelii Centres were evaluated after almost two years of operation. These centres were:

EXSELENT at Stockholm University
UFBC at Umeå University
Uppsala Berzelii at Uppsala University
SBI Berzelii at Karolinska Institute

AB Realisator Management Consulting was involved in the evaluation in the capacity of  process leader. The full evaluation report is now available via this link at the Vinnonva web site (Pdf-file, opens in new window) and can be downloaded from here.

090416 Interview
The latest issue of the journal ”Företagarfokus” from the municipality of Trosa contains an interview with Thomas Eriksson, the founder of AB Realisator Management Consulting. Read the entire article (in Swedish) via this link. (Pdf-file, opens in new window.)

090416 SAFER evaluation report available
SAFER - The Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers, is a joint research unit where academy, industry and authorities cooperate in the design of future vehicle and traffic safety systems.

The vision is to enable Sweden to reach world leading competitiveness, by:
  • Providing countermeasures to considerably reduce both the number of traffic accidents and the number of fatalities and serious injuries
  • Using the multi-disciplinary scientific competence available within the Centre
  • Making the Centre a hub for excellence within the international field of vehicle safety

In December 2008 the centre was evaluated by VINNOVA and AB Realisator Management Consulting was engaged as the process leader of the evaluation. The SAFER evaluation report is now available here (Pdf-file, opens in new window) and can be downloaded from here.

090219 Steel Shots for the Environment
Traditionally shots for hunting are made of lead but environmental considerations have resulted in a search for alternative materials. Steel is one of them. For several years the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) has held a patent for the manufacture of wear resistant steel shots. AB Realisator Management Consulting was assigned the task of investigating the commercial value of the patent and has now fulfilled its mission.

”FOI is in a transition mode where our knowledge will become even more available to the civilian market. This investigation has given us a very clear insight into the key commercial aspects of this patent which will certainly be an advantage for us in our future operations. We now know in what direction to move”, says Joakim Hägvall, Business Development at FOI.

FOI is the largest research institute in Sweden and one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the defence and safety area. The Institute has a staff of about 1000 persons and a turnover of almost 1.2 billion SEK, according to figures for 2007.

090219 Helmets for school children
Together with other local enterprises AB Realisator Management Consulting supports the Momenta project to supply helmets for children cycling to school in the Trosa municipality. The children will be/are given the helmets as a gift.

090126 International Evaluation Team Appointed
AB Realisator Management Consulting has appointed the international evaluation team for the evaluation of the VINNOVA VINN Excellence Centre Programme and five of its centres. The international evaluation team consists of:

Professor Douglas Reeve, University of Toronto, Canada (Chairman)
Professor Anne H. Andersson, University of Dundee, Scotland
Professor Roland Clift, University of Surrey, England
Senior advisor Kim Davis, Research Council of Norway, Norway
Professor Art Ragauskas, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Maija Tenkanen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Professor Ljupco Kocarev, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Art, Republic of Macedonia
Professor Torsten Braun, Universität Bern, Switzerland
Professor Martine Laville, Hospices Civils de Lyon, France
Professor Rob Welch, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
Professor Jack Hu, University of Michigan, USA
Professor Alison, McKay, University of Leeds, England

”The team represents a group of highly qualified people with a range of expertise and international experience. It is worth noting that the group consists of 40% female evaluators – a high ratio for an evaluation team of this type. Altogether this means that we have great team to bring a broad perspective and give constructive comment to the evaluations”, says Professor Douglas Reeve, chairman of the team.

The centres to be evaluated are:
SUS, Royal Institute of Technology
BiMaC Inno, Royal Institute of Technology
WISENET, Uppsala University
AFC, Lund University
Wingquist, Chalmers
This is the last round in the first evaluation of the fifteen VINN Excellence Centres that are up and running at present. The evaluation will take place during the first week of March 2009.

090115: A new window towards the market
With the publishing of the Realisator website a new channel for communication towards the market is opened up for the company.  The aim is to give a flavour and a reference of the comany as well as describe on-going activities.

090115: Competence Research Centre conference
On behalf of VINNOVA, Realisator is participating in the ERA-NET project COMPERA. COMPERA is targeted towards the creation of a sustainable network of programmes that are funding Competence Research Centres. On Tuesday 3 February 2009 COMPERA will organize a conference on Competence Research Centre programmes and policies in Düsseldorf (Germany). Read more

090115: A lot of planning
Realisator is the process leader for a number of up-coming evaluations of research activities and research programmes. Several of the Swedish Energy Agency competence centres and the VINNOVA VINN Excellence Centres are among the research centres to be evaluated. At present Realisator is in the planning phase of these activities – a crucial step before the evalutions are executed.

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